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Hello. My name is Lisa. I am very excited about introducing to you what I do, and welcome you to Thank you for taking time to visit my site, and learn about the Sphynx breed and experience these amazing cats for yourself.

I currently live in the Central Valley area of Northern California, about 2 hours outside of San Francisco. I specialize in the rare sphynx cat breed. As I started my journey in 2012, I came across several breeders and owners with many years’ experience that have taught me and mentored me along the way.


I always had a love for animals from a early age. I became fascinated with the Sphynx breed, when I met my first Sphynx in 2010. I learned everything I could about Sphynx Cats, and eventually began my journey. As a breeder, my goal is for my Sphynx families to feel completely comfortable and confident with Dare2bNaked. I am so grateful to be able to share these amazing cats and their babies with other families. I will be there to support you before and after you get your baby.

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