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Sphynx King Cats

RW SGC Dare2bNaked

King: Hollywood Moovie Night 

Color:  Seal Sepia and White

DOB:   06/26/2018

HCM Echo NEGATIVE 1/2022

HCM DNA Heterozygous

Love this enchanting handsome boy born here at Dare2bNaked. I'm looking forward to the future with this little man.


D2BN_Valkiriya Dag_New Pic12.jpg
D2BN_Valkiriya Dag_New Pic2.jpg
D2BN_Valkiriya Dag_New Pic3.jpg
Our New Addition

Sphynx King Cats

Newans Rudy's Amalgam

of Dare2BNaked

F1 Devon Rex Outcross
Color:  Red
DOB:   12/25/2021

Coming Soon

Newans Miraculous Marvel  (RETIRED)

Color:  Brown tabby and white

DOB:   1-8-2019

FIV/FeLV negative

HCM Negative: 

Newans Pic 2.jpg

Newans Miraculous Marvel

Welcome Newans Miraculous Marvel! This stunning boy was special from day one and we are thrilled to have him part of our family! This sweet boy is co-owned with my dear friend Courtney Will with Teoli Sphynx in Colorado. Our sincere thanks to Olga Nyunina, his breeder. Thank you for allowing us to love on this "marvelous" boy!

Newans Pic 1.jpg
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