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Let me start by stating I am an experienced Sphynx owner. I have dealt with 3 previous breeders before finding Lisa. The other three experiences I have had range from awful to good BUT my experience with Lisa is my only excellent one by far.

Lisa is a professional in every sense of the word. She is never too busy to take time from her day to answer questions (not only about the kitten you may be acquiring but all cat related questions in general) send pics, and schedule pre-pickup play dates. She is a master of the breed and QUALITY is never compromised.

We spent countless hours texting and visiting before actually taking our kitten home and I can honestly say she does not breed for the money. It's a labor of love for a person that is a passionate "cat lady"!We received Sancho from Lisa 9 months ago and she has set the new standard for breeders. Our kitten came healthy, clean, socialized, and happy! Going elsewhere for a Sphynx is not an option for us at this point.

Thanks for everything, Lisa!

-Trevor and Alex

We have been sphynx parents since 2005 and in early 2015, we brought home a rambunctious pair of sphynx kittens. As soon as they came home we knew that we wanted to add a third to our family. As sphynx parents for so many years, we have learned more and more about what to look for in a reputable breeder and Lisa fit that bill. Her kittens grow up with constant interaction, love and attention, fantastic medical care, and the breeding lines are scanned yearly for HCM. We have known Lisa through the Instagram sphynx community for several years and saw her beautiful first litter grow up and go to their homes.

I contacted her in the summer of 2015 to ask about her next litter and got on her list for a boy. In January 2016 our boy, Finn, was born to Envy and Grimm. Over the next 3 months we received continual updates and photos and Lisa answered every question we had along the way. Finn fits in perfectly with our family- he is fully of energy, purrs and snuggles. He is strong, healthy, a fantastic eater (of raw food), and huge! Finn is a typical sphynx who is interested in everything going on around him, has a true zest for life, and a little naughty streak to go with it. If we were going to add a fourth member of the family we would, without a doubt, be back to Dare2bNaked again!

-Erica and Peter

Meeting Lisa that can happen to a Sphynx parent or future owner. I wanted a brother for my three year-old Sphynx Mia, and when I found her Instagram account I fell in love with all of the pictures and videos. I contacted her right away and got on her waiting list; from that day on, communication was impeccable. She frequently sent pictures, videos and stories of my baby, as well as health, and vaccination updates. She was (and still continues to be) always available to answer any questions or concerns. The way Lisa cares and loves her kittens is not only seen but absolutely felt.

She takes the time to match her kittens to the perfect family and provides the right information so that you can be a great Sphynx parent. We took our healthy, handsome boy home on April 1st, 2016. Kairo has been the best little brother to Mia and has filled our house with so much love. I will most definitely go back to Dare2bnaked when we are ready to expand our Sphynx family.

I cannot reiterate how excellent her communication and professionalism is. I am very pleased and gratified for her help and advice. If you are looking for that perfect breeder that loves her kittens, HCM scans and has great communication, you have found her!

- Melissa

A Sphynx is a unique cat requiring special care to breed healthy. Adopting a Sphynx can be challenging, but with Lisa all worries melted away- and naked cuteness replaced them. We were so happy to meet Lisa and all her cats. Her enthusiasm for this breed is unrivaled along with her beautiful cats!

After meeting Lisa, she carefully addressed all our concerns of raising a Sphynx. Everything from making a proper raw diet, cleaning their ears and body, how to get them in the bath, and what kinds of playtime they need- nothing about cats was off limits with Lisa.

To make our life easier, she even got all necessary vaccinations, warnings, and paperwork to help our cat live the healthiest life. She has such a vast knowledge of this breed, it’s like searching google for answers only better!

Lisa’s love and care for these cats is undeniable, they are what she lives for, and she truly cares to stay in touch and see the growth of your kitten. It’s nice to nerd out about cats with someone that loves them just the same. To this day, I know we can count on Lisa to help us with any questions or problems that arise. Dreaming of a better breeder is impossible when you’ve already met the best! We love our kitty, and we love Lisa!

- Tony

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