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Deposit & Payment

How much do sphynx kittens typically cost?

Our price reflects the demand for these premium rare breed cats. We also use and follow the highest quality breeding standards.

Our Deposit Policy.

We have a $500.00 Non-refundable deposit for each kitten that is reserved. The deposit amount accepted by us, will go towards the total agreed upon price of the kitten/cat.

Our Payment Policy.


After the deposit has been received and cleared, and contract agreement is signed, the balance of the purchase is due at pick up of cat. The remaining purchase balance is due in cash and/or 10 days prior if paying by PayPal. Please

see our contract agreement form here.

Cash, Check, Money Order

We accept cash, certified cashiers check or money orders upon deliverly of Cat. Unless payment and/or deposits are made in person. Payment and/or Deposits can be mailed to: 


                             P.O. Box 621

                             Hughson, CA. 95326

Check and/or Money Orders can be made payable to:

Lisa Wattle  and/or  Dare2bNaked

Payment Options

Please contact breeder @

(209) 602-3132 to discuss

alternative payment options.

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